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Ox providers

Orchestra X Providers are unified in their commitment to assisting youth and adults in their recovery to learn, heal and flourish.
Francesca Atkinson Orchestra X Provider

Francesca Atkinson


Francesca has extensive homeless service experience including in emergency shelters, street outreach, permanent supportive housing case management, and coordinated entry.
Jeff Bopp, Orchestra X

Jeff Bopp


Jeff’s role as a professional counselor is to assist individuals in improving the quality of their life experience, while reducing psychological suffering.

Jeff is a firm believer in the power of recovery and that, regardless of past experience or present hardship, a satisfying and purposeful existence is possible and within reach.

Bethany Boyd, OrchestraX

Bethany Boyd


Bethany is a registered nurse with the state of Wisconsin. Bethany has a love and passion for working with people and serving her community which has led to becoming a CCS provider.

alane conn

csw, housing specialist

As a certified social worker with the state of Wisconsin, Alane uses a strengths-based approach in case management services to children and families experiencing homelessness.
Rachel Faulman, Orchestra X Provider

Rachel Faulman


Rachel has experience working as a psychotherapist, serving individuals of all ages, couples, and families. She has also worked as a case manager for those with severe and persistent mental illness.

Jody Franklin Orchestra X

Jody Franklin

Peer support specialist

Jody has training and personal experience with substance abuse and mental health which she uses to assist consumers in their recovery journey.
Kristi Goldade, Orchestra X Provider

Kristi Goldade


Kristi uses evidence-based treatments, such as somatic and cognitive tools, acceptance and compassion methods, and mindfulness. She treats clients who struggle with the effects of trauma and stress, as well as mood and anxiety conditions.

Samantha Fox


Samantha has experience working with adults with substance abuse and within the criminal justice system. She has interest, training, and experience with LGBTQIA+ communities, children, adolescents, and adults.

Dianne Hamilton, OrchestraX

Dianne Hamilton

ISDE Provider

Dianne assists clients in every aspect of their recovery including Individual Skill Development and Enhancement (ISDE), Med Management, home and community support as well as difficulties with communication and self-expression.

Jenny Hanson, OrchestraX

Jenny Hanson


Jenny specializes in teaching and practicing sensorimotor skills which can modify trauma responses by attending to the body.  She enjoys working with both adults and children and is a former middle school teacher.

Elle LeMeur, Orchestra X

elle lemeur

Certified Peer Specialist Individual Skill Developer

A Certified Peer Specialist, Elle uses her personal experience with mental health and substance use disorders to cultivate empowering relationships with others seeking to foster a life worth living.
David Miller, OrchestraX

David Miller


As a Marriage and Family Therapist serving individuals and couples David focuses on identifying inherent strengths and innate potential.

David is the founder and Director of Orchestra X.

Karen Milstein Orchestra X

Karen Milstein

peer support specialist

Along with her extensive recovery life experience, Karen has been trained in Intentional Peer Support, Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR.
Heather Roach Orchestra X

Heather Roach

peer support specialist

Heather brings a personal history, commitment to service and the empathy skills ideally suited to assist others in Recovery.
Brendan Roe, OrchestraX

Brendan Roe


Brendan served as the lead group facilitator at Journey’s Bayside crisis center before becoming a Skills Coach and Service Facilitator in CCS.
Emma Rose, Orchestra X Provider

emma rose

pa-c, CSCS, MINT member

Emma teaches relevant concepts related to exercise and fitness, nutrition, and the neuroscience of behavior change, using her inspiring and empowering coaching style.

Jenna Schmitt


Jenna provides service facilitation and individual skills development and enhancement. Jenna has extensive training in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Harm Reduction.

Kiley Franklin Orchestra X

Kiley Timler

peer support specialist

Kiley has experience in trauma-informed care and uses that along with her personal experience to help people develop coping skills to deal with trauma they may have experienced.

Dan Torinus


Dan is a psychotherapist and social worker who works in Madison and the greater Dane County area. His approach is respectful, open, curious, supportive, and pragmatic.

Skyler Van De Weerd, OrchestraX

Skyler Van De Weerd


Skyler has nearly ten years of experience in the mental health field. She has worked in community mental health, including extensive experience in homeless services, crisis intervention, case management, and service coordination.

Geraldine Veneman, OrchestraX

Geraldine Veneman


Geraldine has extensive experience working with a variety of mental health disorders, including gender confusion, domestic violence (victim), depression and anxiety, PTSD, anger management (teens), grief, and play-therapy.


Adetunji Lesi


Orchestra X Accountant Tunji coordinates all the organization’s fiscal needs and responsibilities. Facilitating adherence to Dane County, CCS and IRS accounting requirements as well as providing Payroll Services are foundational to the operational and long term financial health of OX.

Tunji is the Principal of Tunji-Lesi CPA, LLC