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Laura Gillis, Orchestra X


LPC, CCS Provider

As a CCS provider, Laura strives to help clients improve their quality of life by providing
resources and fostering meaningful connections. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
with many years of experience in the mental health field both in schools and in the community, she believes that relationships are critical to actively engaging participants in their recovery. Her approach to mental health care is anchored in understanding clinical assessment and ensuring tailored, compassionate support for her clients.

Laura uses a collaborative, goal-focused approach to help clients explore barriers and provides
strategies and practices promoting self-care, coping skills, and personal growth. She serves
clients of all ages, supporting their self-determination and increased wellness.

Laura strives to create a warm, safe, and non judgemental space for clients to process, heal,
and set manageable goals. She utilizes mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and
self-compassionate approaches in her therapy practice. Her interests include working with
clients to help manage stress, depression, anxiety, and life transitions while promoting pathways
to resilience and adaptability through honoring each individual’s unique journey