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Alane conn


Alane has 15 years of experience in community based social work providing direct support to children, adolescents, adults, and families. As a certified social worker with the state of Wisconsin, Alane uses a strengthens-based person-centered approach while working with consumers. Alane supports consumers with developing emotional, cognitive, and social skills to assist them in identifying and reaching goals that they feel will enhance their lives and support their recovery.

As a strong social justice advocate, Alane is committed to understanding the needs and wants of each consumer and is honored to work alongside them towards goal achievement and increased wellbeing. Supporting self-determination, recovery, increased wellness and quality of life are just some of the ways Alane engages with consumers. Alane is knowledgeable and skillful in connecting to resources and networks in the community and assists consumers in making these vital linkages.

She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness and advocating for social justice and strongly believes housing is a human right. Celebrating the dignity, worth and individuality of each person allows Alane to partner with consumers and develop respectful, trusting, and productive working relationships while maintaining her sense of humor, compassion, and genuine care for others.

Alane enjoys spending her free time outdoors, visiting local farmer’s markets and thrift stores, being crafty and spending time with family and friends. Her availability to provide direct support to consumers is flexible and includes evenings and weekends.