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Rachael Bergen, ISDN Provider

Rachael Bergen

ISDN Provider

“Rachael understands that recovery from trauma and addiction involves both the mind and the body. She uses music, movement, and active listening to help clients develop mental, emotional, and physical resilience.

Rachael Bergen is a Rehabilitation Facilitator specializing in substance abuse recovery, trauma healing, and the connection between physical well-being and emotional resilience. Rachael draws upon her formal training as well as personal experience with substance abuse recovery and surviving a near-fatal vehicle accident in her work with clients. She believes everyone has a unique pathway to build mental and physical strength and practices holding space for self-discovery and development of self-advocacy skills.

Rachael has more than 200 hours of formal training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga from the Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa, India. She understands that trauma is not only imprinted in our minds but is also held within our bodies and she uses music, movement, and breathing techniques in her trauma-informed yoga practice. She is passionate about helping others to learn to connect with their mental and physical well-being whether through yoga, meditation, music, or other means.

Rachael has a 9-year-old son, and they love to adventure together, be it through the woods near their house or across the country to Yellowstone National Park. There’s a lot of the world to see and only so much time to see it. She also spends time hiking and biking, reading books related to spirituality and the mind/body connection, and nurturing relationships with loved ones. You will also often find her listening and dancing to live music!”