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Dianne Hamilton, OrchestraX

Dianne Hamilton

ISDE Provider

Dianne brings a wealth of life experience and professional training to her work as a CCS Provider. Studies include CCAR Recovery Coach Training (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery)
CADCA Conference (Community Anti-drug Coalitions of America) and Level Up Recovery Conference. Dianne has collaborated with Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Doctors and other professionals in support and advocacy for her clients. Standing alongside people in recovery “through thick and thin” is the signature theme and mission Dianne lives her life by.

Dianne assists clients in every aspect of their recovery including Individual Skill Development and Enhancement (ISDE), Med Management, home, and community support as well as difficulties with communication and self-expression. Engaging with an eye to eye-peer to peer perspective, Dianne’s personal experience with addiction allows clients to feel understood and heard.

A member of LCAT (Lodi Community Action Team) *Building Community to help youth make healthy choices Dianne is particularly committed to helping young people in their mental health or substance use recovery. “Working with teens is one of the most rewarding parts of this job.”

Her personal history and professional insight, as well as fervent client advocacy make Dianne an integral asset to the CCS Provider Teams she serves on.