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about us

Orchestra X Providers are unified in their commitment to assist youth and adults in their recovery to learn, heal, and flourish.

Orchestra X was founded in 1998 to confront the urgent need for Mental Health services in some  of Chicago’s most distressed Neighborhoods. Orchestra X served youth and families in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, Erikson Institute for Early Childhood Development and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Moving to Madison Wisconsin in 2016, Orchestra X continues its Mission of providing professional recovery services to citizens in need in partnership with Dane County’s Comprehensive Community Services (CCS).

Orchestra X brings a unique brand of Recovery and Therapeutic Services to Dane County. A Mission founded in the Arts, Orchestra X brings a standard of sensitivity, imagination and appreciation for beauty that is foundational to our Recovery Services.

At Orchestra X we commit to meeting and engaging you where you are. We will walk alongside you to achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and become your best.


We provide a wide range of skills-based development services with specializations in housing, education, medication management and physical health monitoring. We also provide Service Facilitation, individual and family psychoeducation, as well as Peer Support Services.