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Francesca Atkinson, Orchestra X Provider



Francesca began her career in social services while attending school which provided her with nearly a decade of experience with homeless services and community mental health. She has achieved an Associate of Science in Human Services as well as a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Francesca is passionate about advocating for social justice and mental health awareness. Francesca is passionate about understanding the needs of participants and walking alongside them as they are working towards their goals and the best version of themselves. Francesca takes pride in being authentic while supporting self-determination and increased wellness of life when engaging with participants.

As a CCS provider, Francesca provides Service Facilitation and Individual Skill Development and Enhancement. Francesca enjoys working with adolescents and adults.

In addition to her professional life, Francesca is a bonus mom to two teenagers and a cat mom of two. Francesca enjoys hiking, cooking, playing a video game, or enjoying live music.