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Elle LeMeur

Certified Peer Specialist/Individual Skill Developer

A Certified Peer Specialist since 2015, Elle uses her personal experience with mental health and substance use disorders to cultivate empowering relationships with others seeking to foster a life worth living. Elle has been sober since 2010 and continues to grow in a life of dignity and respect for self and others. She believes our lives and stories have value and, as we discover our true selves, that authentic and positive change can occur in all aspects of our lives.

Elle believes strongly in the mind/body/spirit connection and encourages those she serves to explore tools and techniques that nurture the ability to feel whole and centered in their lives. Elle facilitated a solutions-oriented Anxiety and Depression Group for over five years. Through this experience, she learned the tremendous value of walking with others through their struggles and gained an appreciation for the many pathways to recovery.
Elle brings passion and experience as well as exemplary communication and organizational skills to any CCS team.