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Karen Milstein Orchestra X



Karen has worked for over twenty-five years in peer support in Madison. She is recovery-focused, person-centered and sees the consumer not the diagnosis. Karen projects dignity, respect and hope and understands a person as the variety of cultures which they are composed.

A philosophy based in empathy, Karen believes: “Recovery is not a straight path, but can happen in two steps forward, three back.”

During her tenure on the Board of Directors for Madison’s sister-city in Japan Karen travelled three times to exchange knowledge about Mental Health care. Along with her extensive recovery life experience, Karen has been trained in Intentional Peer Support, Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR.

She is the founder of the Dane County Peer Specialist Network and has served on the staff of Cornucopia and Yahara House. While at Forward Solutions of Journey Mental Health Karen helped clients work on their “niche” and encouraged clients “out of their comfort zone” only as much as she would expect from herself and her own recovery.

Karen is a writer and prioritizes this passion in her own recovery as writing has been important and meaningful since childhood. Karen considers herself a lucky consumer and hopes to pass this gratitude and strength-based outlook on to consumers. “My focus and intent is for the individuals I work with to access their dreams, goals and aspirations.”