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Jody Franklin Orchestra X



Jody received her certification in September of 2020. Before then she dedicated 22 years to CNA work, and in that time advocated for client rights within the homes and facilities she worked for. She makes personal connections with all of her consumers and is an empathetic and caring person.

Jody has training and personal experience with substance abuse and mental health which she uses to assist consumers in their recovery journey. She is encouraging and uses her experience to show people that it is never too late to recover and become the best version of themselves. Jody puts an emphasis on celebrating the small accomplishments along the recovery journey because it is those moments that pave the road towards whatever the consumer’s goal is.

Jody has an associates degree in Human Services along with training in cultural humility and trauma-informed care. Consumer comfort is of the utmost importance to her and she is always willing to listen and learn about other’s perspectives so she can be the most supportive peer she can be.

Jody enjoys reading books that further positive self-image and emotional understanding. She spends her free time doing outdoor activities with her daughters and grandchildren and loves live music shows. Her mission is to use her experience to help people understand that they are worthy of love, compassion, and recovery.