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Kiley Timler Orchestra X



Kiley has 3 years of experience as a peer support specialist but has always worked in a compassionate care setting, from in-home respite to childcare. She received her certification in January 2020 and has training and personal experience with substance abuse and mental health.

Kiley is currently enrolled at UW-Madison where she is in her senior year of the BSW program. Kiley hopes to be admitted into the MSW program in Fall 2024.

With person-centered and strength-based psychosocial rehabilitation Kiley helps consumers develop emotional, cognitive, and social skills for them to reach goals they feel will benefit their lives. She is passionate about helping people understand their worth and overcoming obstacles they feel are in the way of them being the most fulfilled versions of themselves.

Kiley understands that no person’s journey or worldview is the same and is dedicated to understanding and advocating for the wants and needs of each individual consumer. She has experience in trauma-informed care and uses that along with her personal experience to help people develop coping skills to deal with trauma they may have experienced.

Kiley is passionate about music and longboarding and is always willing to try
new things. She is an outgoing person with strong interpersonal skills and is currently working towards becoming fluent in Spanish so that her outreach work isn’t as limited.