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Ryan Retzlaff, Orchestra X



“Personal Growth is not a journey of a thousand days, or a journey of a lifetime. It is a journey of one day at a time.”

Ryan believes that everyone’s recovery is a personal journey that should focus on finding their strengths and a sense of compassion for themselves, and the world around them. Ryan found his own passion to help others during his time in recovery and continues to help those around him whenever the opportunity arises.

During his own recovery, he has learned that nobody should take this journey alone and strives to help others find their own path. He uses his sense of compassion, empathy, and hope to help those around him. He believes that no matter who you are or where you are in your journey, you deserve to be happy and he wants to help find your way to that goal.

Ryan loves to cook, bowl, and play videogames with his wife and friends. He also enjoys spending time outdoors around a campfire.