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Ashley Mitchell, Orchestra X



Ashley is a Certified Peer Support Specialist with training in Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, and domestic and intimate partner violence. She enjoys working with women and minorities on their recovery journeys and uses her lived experience with substance use and mental health struggles to provide empathetic and compassionate care.

Ashley became a Certified Peer Support Specialist in 2022. She has a passion for helping people advocate for themselves with a clear and direct communication style along with consistent and compassionate follow-through. Ashley uses her organizational and planning skills to find creative and efficient solutions for everyday struggles. If she doesn’t know the answer or solution for a problem, she utilizes all her resources to find it. Employing a collaborative mindset to communicate and resolve conflict, Ashley understands that everyone has something to offer along their journey. She strives to improve and find balance in work, family responsibilities, and on her own recovery path every day. Ashley believes the best way to achieve this goal is by trying to do better today than she did yesterday.