Fathiya Issa, Orchestra X

Fathiya Issa​


Fathiya has been working in the Mental Health and Health Care field for 12 years. A CCS Certified Provider Fathiya is also a Dane County Licensed Adult Family Home manager and proprietor. She specializes in supporting autonomy and independence to Individuals allowing them to reside in an In Home environment.

Fathiya attended UW-Madison for Rehabilitation Psychology. While at UW she was awarded the Global Health Certificate and Leadership Certificate. Fathiya worked in the School of Nursing for five years researching Depression, Stress and Anxiety in the African American Community. Fathiya and her Professor Dr. Ward published their findings in the article “Older African American with Depression, Stress and Anxiety”. Currently Fathiya is involved in a research project at the UW-Madison School of Education that focuses Native Americans and the Education system.

Fathiya provides Individual Skills Development (ISD), Physical Health Monitoring and Medication Management as well as Service Facilitation services.

Being from a different home culture has given Fathiya the opportunity of seeing things from different perspectives.