Eric is a licensed psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor. In the office and community Eric works with individuals at their own pace to overcome barriers toward achieving a more fulfilling life.

His wide-ranging clinical experience includes individual psychotherapy, addiction recovery, and couples counseling. Eric has extensive experience working with meditation, relationship dynamics, and developing self-confidence.

“I am interested in uncovering deeper expressions of authenticity and empowering my clients to find and live in their own power.” In the warm and comfortable environment of his office Eric listens and guides clients towards their goals.

“Anxiety, depression, trauma and self-esteem can all improve through an effective therapeutic relationship. Therapy is utilized as a means of gaining awareness and resiliency to meet life’s challenges. It is a tool that can help us turn our minds from enemy to ally, and to begin to cultivate love and acceptance of ourselves.”

Eric also works with individuals who are struggling with addictive/compulsive behavior around drugs and alcohol. He advocates 12-step programs, as well as alternative methods of recovery toward becoming free from the grasp of addiction. His approach is flexible, supportive, and focused on building a lifestyle of recovery, not only removal of substances. Eric states: “When my clients move out of addiction, they recover a fun and rewarding life.”

Eric also serves clients out of his Private Practice,